Immersive & Experiential Italian Design Workshop

Created for architects, designers, artists and makers.

DesignMashup in Italy is a unique creative experience that blends the vibrancy of Milan as the city of modern Design contrasted by the ancient historical roots, local heritage, and craft tradition of an extraordinary Civita di Bagnoregio. This immersion in the roots and traditions of Italian craft and the vibrancy of modern design. DesignMashup is the ultimate experience and connection to “place” that defines the history and modern spirit of Italian design today.


12 Partecipants


Fall 2024


Milano - Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

Experience new ideas and unleash your creativity alongside a global community of diverse design disciplines, where new ideas and perspectives mashup!

About us

What is DesignMashup?

The Civita workshop takes place in this 2500 year old Etruscan village, with the goal of expressing a “sense of place” in sustainable and thought-provoking ways. Renowned designers and designer/professor Thomas Lehman and his team will provide guidance and mentorship throughout this 7-day applied workshop. During their time in Civita, participants will ideate, create and craft their prototypes and designs using traditional and found materials.

The educational focus of DesignMashup revolves around a hands-on, learning-by-doing approach. It provides a platform for participants to enhance their skills, broaden their perspectives, and explore new avenues of creativity.

By fostering collaboration and innovation, DesignMashup programs enable individuals to unlock their full potential and revolutionize their design practices.

DesignMashup is an immersive course designed to empower designers, architects, and creative professionals, sparking a transformation in their personal design endeavors.

This comprehensive experience offers a multidisciplinary journey into the multilayered and innovative world of “Design Made in Italy,” providing valuable insights and hands-on experience in the process and techniques of the renowned “Italian Design Culture.”

This exciting Milan Experience includes lectures, visits to iconic Italian design landmarks, studios, and museums.

Join us in this exciting experince

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What do you experience at DesignMashup?

Milan Experience

Milan proudly claims the title of the Design Capital.

Its cultural heritage, prestigious design institutes, international design events (including the renowned Milan Design Week), and strategic position as a worldwide hub for fashion, furniture, lighting and industrial design all contribute to its well-deserved reputation.

During your Milan experience, prepare to be fully immersed in the vibrant, energetic, and ever-changing world of Italian design.

Explore captivating art and design galleries and concept stores, visit edgy museums, and discover the charm of historic and evolving design districts that will truly enrich your design journey.

Civita Workshop

2500 year old Civita di Bagnoregio, also known as the “dying city,” is famous for its unique and picturesque location. Located on the top of a hill and connected to the mainland by a narrow footbridge, this ancient village gives the sense of stepping back in time.

Its cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and stunning views of the surrounding valleys offer a glimpse into the past and evoke a sense of enchantment. The city is a unique perfect location that will help to disconnect from your daily grind and reconnect yourself and your creativity.

You will get your hands dirty as you explore techniques, tools, and materials to grow your design skills. Our process is centered on thoughtful hands-on work while bringing joy and lightness to your design approach while providing tools for overcoming creative blocks.

The goal (to quote master Italian designer Andrea Branzi) is to guide you in exploring your “personal design poetics.” This spirit of play is embedded in Italian design and is an excellent method also for team-working and participatory design approaches.

The workshop is based at the buildings and garden of the Civita Institute, a renowned American non-profit founded in 1981 to promote and inspire design excellence through cultural exchange.

Our team

Speakers & Professors

Thomas Lehman

Founder/Designer & Professor

Thomas is an American furniture, lighting and industrial designer, professor and lecturer in Milan for the past 20+ years.

The goal for his students in DesignMashup is to introduce international designers, architects, artists, and makers into the Italian Design System.

He is daily discovering the roots and future of italian design and design and DesignMashup is dedicated to sharing this storied history and sharing and teaching the tools of Italian design.

His work focuses on furniture and product design, retail concepts, brand and immersive new media.

Thomas currently lives and works in Milan and he holds a masters degree and is a lecturing professor in industrial, furniture and interaction design from Domus Academy, Milan.

Laura Loria


Laura is an Italian designer specializing in product design and strategy.

She embarked on a transformative journey that took her across Italy and Asia for over 8 years. It was during this time that she had a profound realization about the importance of preserving Italy’s unique heritage and design essence.

Motivated to contribute to cultural preservation, she returned to Italy and she found the perfect outlet for her passion and expertise by collaborating with Design Mashup.

In the Design Mashup workshop, Laura’s objective is clear: guided by her expertise, she aims to help students to seamlessly integrate contemporary design while carefully preserving the historical integrity that makes the village so special through this harmonious blend of past and present.

Imagining the beauty of tradition that coexists with the innovation of modern design.

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Past DesignMashup Tutor


Accomplished Italian designer, journalist, and design critic, Cecilia lectures and writes articles for well-known International design journals on design topics ranging from ancient and traditional Italian design to Italy’s current design culture.

Cecilia brings her vast knowledge of the Milan design sign and current design trends to the DesignMashup team.

Past DesignMashup Tutor


Milan based German design duo, Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz, have been mashing up their native Northern European design ethos with Italian inspired design since the mid-1990s and lend their unique perspectives to the DesignMashup concept.

We are excited to have Steffen join us as a tutor during the Civita workshop.

Upcoming DesignMashup Tutor


DesignMashup welcomes Munich-born Markus Benesch to our talented team. Markus creates whimsical surfaces, products and interiors and his creative ideas, combined with his ability for flawless execution, have earned him a strong reputation world-wide. Today, Markus commutes between Munich, Milan & New York teaches workshops as a guest professor at L´ESAD Reims, NABA Milano, IED Milano & Politecnico di Milano.

Markus will be joining the DesignMashup team as one of the toutors for the Civita workshop.


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